About Me

Early Life

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1957, being the only child of Peter and Carol Boardman. After attending the local primary school until the age of eight, the rest of my education took place increasingly far away from home.

My parents ran the newsagency kiosks on the bus station in Bolton (where I am pictured at the age of 26!!) I spent many hours helping out in the kiosks, as well as proof reading comics and testing the confectionery.

After my Mum sadly died as a result of having Multiple Sclerosis in 1973, interspersed with an ongoing education, Dad and I ran the business until 2000. During that time, I indulged my passion for racing sailboats, being fortunate to compete at national and international level in a variety of boats, most enjoyably the International 470 dinghy.

Later Life

In 2000, I moved to West Yorkshire, marrying Judith and settling in Halifax. After a none too spectacular attempt to forge a career in teaching, I worked for a few years for a local charity for the blind. I currently volunteer for the RSPCA and the local branch of the MS Society.

I still enjoy sailing dinghies, owning a GP14 dinghy which I launch from Glasson Sailing Club onto the River Lune, sometimes venturing out into Morecambe Bay.


After graduating from Liverpool University, Judith was a journalist with the Wakefield Express newspaper before leaving to start a family, raising daughter Amy and son John in Bradford. She re-started working life as a tutor in ESOL to adults and now runs classes in writing for well-being.

We like to get out into the glorious Calderdale countryside, particularly enjoying cycling on our tandem (see Gallery), going to various kinds of musical and theatrical performances and have recently started attending ballroom dancing classes.

My stepson, John, lives o'er t'hill in Blackpool with his partner Kerry and her daughter Taylor Ann, working for Matalan, whilst my stepdaughter Amy, married to Eliezer, lives in Baildon and has four children; Isabella, Seth, Ineza and Noah. Judith and I enjoy helping out with the family (see Gallery).

In her spare moments, Judith is quite creative - an example of her poetry can be viewed here.